Marianne Williamson’s Immigration Proposal: A Civilized Path to Citizenship

(Manchester, NH) Marianne Williamson introduced a comprehensive plan for immigration reform today, calling her proposal a civilized path to citizenship. Williamson spoke at an Immigration Solidarity Network event held at Blessed Sacrament Church, in Manchester, NH. Right before her remarks she attended the Faith in Action & Granite State Organizing Project's Immigrant Solidarity Vigil, Norris Cotton Federal Building - ICE Headquarters, in Manchester, NH.

As President, Marianne Williamson will push for legislative reforms that includes a full path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants who do not have serious criminal background issues. The cost of naturalization must also be reduced and resources increased to help people navigate that process more easily and humanely.

“My grandfather came to America alone when he was thirteen years old and sold bananas on the East Side of New York until he had raised enough money to return to Russia and get his next-younger brother; together they sold enough bananas to make the money to return and get their next-younger sibling; and on and on until all seven brothers and sisters and their mother had been brought over to America.

My family’s story is an American story.” said Williamson.

Williamson recognizes that the United States has significant border security issues, and other immigration issues, that pose legitimate points for bipartisan problem-solving. But the bigger issue at the moment in this, as in so many other areas, is America’s paramount need to return to our moral axis. Seeking asylum here is a statutory right established in the Refugee Act of 1980. While it’s legitimate to discuss conservative versus progressive options regarding how we help a refugee fleeing humanitarian horrors, there should never be a question of whether or not we do.

“Today, people seeking asylum on the southern border of the United States are being scapegoated as criminals, their children deceitfully taken from their arms with no plan as to how they will be returned. In violation of American law, which mandates that almost anyone who sets foot in the United States has full constitutional protection here, and almost universally accepted human rights, these asylum seekers have been grossly denied fair protection,” Williamson added.

Williamson also went on to discuss how the governments’ broken immigration system punishes children of illegal immigrants who are in the United States through no fault of their own. DREAMERS, therefore, deserve a path to citizenship that is transparent and timely.

Williamson ended with: “The immigrant is not our enemy. It is so important to remember this today, as immigrants are often viciously scapegoated. This is not the first time this has happened in America, and we must stand up against it now as other generations stood up against it in their time.”

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