November 17, 2019

Often, I’m asked how spirituality applies to politics.

The answer is easy: spirituality is simply the path of the heart. And the problem with American politics today is how often our policies are heartless.

Our policies re the poor are heartless.

    We’re too busy giving tax cuts to the rich to provide enough for those who are poor. Why? Because their financial interests are represented by corporate lobbyists who basically control our government through a system of legal bribery.

Our policies re children are heartless.

     With thirteen million food insecure children and 100,000 homeless children, we’re too busy providing corporate subsidies to the wealthiest corporations to provide enough for our children. With $26B given in subsidies last year alone to the oil and gas industry, who had the cash on hand to feed a hungry child? In the world of Martin Luther King, Jr., “If they give it to the poor, they call it a handout. If they give it to the rich, they call it a subsidy.”

Our policies re the earth are heartless.

     With the planet literally buckling under the pressure of our continued misuse, we continue to open more land to drilling and fracking, allow unnecessary carbon emissions, and even withdraw from the Paris Climate Accords. Whether our grandchildren will be able to live on this planet seems to be of no concern whatsoever…

Our policies re criminal justice are heartless.

     Mandatory minimums in sentencing have taken the application of justice away from our judiciary; people of color stand to receive a 19.1  per cent longer sentence for the same infraction as would a white person; and we incarcerate a greater percentage of our population than does any other country in the world.

And the list goes on. A basically sociopathic (no empathy, no compassion, no reverence) economic system has become the guiding principle of our society, and it’s time for we the people to change that!

So of course, I’m called naïve.

    I am so not naïve to what’s going on here. And neither should you be, either.

My campaign is a clarion call to the American people. It is time for us to use our power, as other generations before us have used theirs, to put America back on track when we have socially, politically and morally gone astray.

Help me override the control of the political industrial complex, penetrate the field of resistance to fundamental change, and provide the American people with a genuine alternative to the corporate aristocracy.

Our hands are strong, our hearts are ready, and the time is now…

Let’s have love for our country, and the courage to serve her in this critical hour…