August 22, 2019

I believe it was Werner Erhard who said that we can live our lives one of two ways: either out of circumstances, or out of a vision. To me, that perfectly encapsulates where we are as a nation. Often we are focused on our circumstances, when what we most need now is a vision.

It is not just political mechanics but political vision that is most needed today. And that's why I believe I'm the best candidate for president.

Two days ago we released my plan for a United States Department of Peace, based on my belief that we must do more than endlessly prepare for war; we must proactively wage peace. Just as we can’t rely endlessly on medicine but must cultivate health, we can’t rely endlessly on the means of war but must also cultivate peace. Soul force (soft power) is as important as brute force (hard power), and in my administration it will be given the focus and resources to make a difference in both preventing conflict and ameliorating its effects.

See here to read my plan.

This vision is not a pipe dream; it represents a serious political choice for the future we wish to create.

And that is why I need your support. Your actively participating in this campaign, through both volunteering and financial support, make all the difference in our ability to expand our base, get out our message, and break through politically to win this race.

From the topic of reparations becoming a serious subject, to the Business Round Table announcing that short-term profit maximization should no longer be the goal of the U.S. corporation, to my predictions at the debate about the Flint water crisis being simply the tip of the iceberg, my words and policies are influencing this campaign.  More and more people are recognizing that, in the words of Tyler Cohen in a Bloomberg Opinion piece, “Marianne Williamson is just what the Democratic Party needs.”

And now, we need to win. All our policy ideas are great, but they’re not where we need them to be until they’re directed from the Oval Office.

Let’s do everything we can, in whatever way we can, to make this campaign the leading contender.

Let’s do this!

With gratitude,