Dear Friends,

Today we made our goal of 65,000 unique donors to the Marianne Williamson for President campaign!

I am deeply grateful to those of you who took it upon yourselves to help create this significant achievement. Ours has been – and will continue to be – a campaign of ideas that people care about, and that they are willing to stand behind. It takes a certain kind of audacity to take a stand for something truly new. Thank you to those of you who have seen the possibility of a new American beginning and have been willing to invest in its formation.

Now the next phase of our work begins.

On my end, I will be releasing my tax returns in the next few days, and I will be campaign over the next week in Nevada, Michigan, and South Carolina. We will continue to communicate with you regarding all the ways you can participate in this amazing adventure.

On your end, I hope this marks just the beginning of your investment in the campaign


If there are over twenty candidates who have made the qualifications for getting onto the debate stage in June – and we’re now at 18 – then a further qualification will be called for. We will need to register at one per cent in three major polls, which is particularly challenging since many polling companies have not been mentioning my name! If you yourself get called by a polling company, please make sure to say I’m your choice even if it’s not offered to you as an option.

With your help, we can deal with that hurdle too. But to do so takes money, and lots of it, to pay for a campaign infrastructure: from ads to social media support to organizational excellence to field offices to legal compliance and so much more. I’m sure you’ve noticed that one of the pillars of my campaign is public funding for federal campaigns!


Obviously, we are competing with campaigns far better funded than ours. But we Can. Do. This. As of today, together have shown what we can do. And now we will show that we can do even more.

I hope you will donate today,at whatever amount works for you. Together let’s create a huge and amazing wave of “Congratulations!” to us all.

From my heart to yours, my deepest appreciation for a job well done.

With gratitude,
Marianne Williamson