In order to have peace in the world, we cannot just rely on war. We have to cultivate peace.

As we speak — the United States has ordered all non-emergency government employees to leave Iraq immediately, citing concerns about possible imminent threats from Iran against US forces.

If you have a feeling you’ve heard this before, it’s because yeah, you have.

We remember Iraq and WMD’s and the “terrible threat” used as justification for invasion of a country that had done nothing to do with 9/11. Uh, that went well…

Make no mistake about it. We’re witnessing in real time the same crowd doing the same thing all over again. We were told that Iraq was very different than Vietnam, and now we’re being told that Iran is different than Iraq. But I am telling you. No, it is not — any more than a philandering husband might say, “This has nothing to do with what happened before! The other one’s name was Susan and this is Barbara!”

America’s penchant for military adventurism has become a national character defect over the last forty years, and will not stop unless we the people stop it. Right now, the saber-rattling towards Iran is extremely dangerous. We are in grave risk of instigating a war with Iran that would be a tragic disaster for the United States and for the world.

This mounting crisis, precipitated by President Trump’s orchestration of the American withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (also known as the Iran Deal), was an error of epic proportion.

As President, I would immediately rejoin the agreement while moving to curb other Iranian actions which threaten security in the region.

Our Secretary of State has said that the president may or may not consult Congress before taking military action. Congress must now act to prevent Trump from taking the country into an unnecessary war. Congress must prohibit the use of funds for combat operations against Iran unless specifically authorized by the Congress.

And one thing more: Pray and meditate for peace. Send love from your heart to the hearts of the Iranian people. Pray that our bond be so rooted in Truth that no insanity can break it.