December 10, 2019

My platform is based on bringing our collective decision making into the 21st Century. Much of our public policy is behind the times, based on thinking and behavior inadequate to the challenges that face us now.

Nowhere is this truer than on the issue of healthcare. While we routinely hear the argument between single payer and public option, we must ask other questions as well. It is not just how we are going to pay for healthcare—but also why so many of us are so sick, and what kinds of treatment insurance will cover—that concerns me. As president, I want to do more than provide universal health care; I want to provide universal opportunities for health.

My Whole Health Plan, like the rest of my platform, is more than a way to treat symptoms; it is a way to treat root causes. It represents a fundamental pattern disruption in the way we view sickness and health in America. That’s what makes it the best plan of all the candidates, and what makes it a winning alternative to the situation we have now.

The Whole Health Plan challenges the underlying forces that cause our water to be contaminated, our food to be filled with carcinogens, and our air to be filled with toxins. It also acknowledges the sickness-causing stress produced by an unjust economic system.

The Whole Health Plan addresses the insufficient education our medical students receive regarding the relationship between food and health, as well as integrative medicine.

The Whole Health Plan mandates that it is a patient’s right to receive, with every diagnosis for which a pharmaceutical or surgical option is prescribed, information regarding dietary and lifestyle options for healing that are scientifically established to be beneficial as well. We will also provide health coaches to serve people in making the kinds of lifestyle changes that most benefit their health.

The Whole Health Plan mandates that insurance companies must provide coverage for scientifically proven integrative approaches to healing.

My plan gives every American the opportunity to enroll in the same health insurance program now available to members of Congress. If preferred, Americans of any age can sign up for Medicare in which dental, hearing, eye, and all integrative as well as allopathic healing modalities are included. It is provided on a sliding scale to ensure each and every citizen access to the highest quality healthcare.

Private insurance can still exist on a limited basis for supplemental coverage, but will be strongly regulated to provide the changes mentioned above. No more will the American people be denied high quality health care that citizens in countries of comparable wealth have come to expect.

The American people have been trained to ask too little from their government, and that stops with me. We can do more than treat sickness; we can create a healthier America!

And we can do it now.