November 20, 2019

Today is World Children’s Day, which I believe is what every day should be. That’s why a signature of my campaign is the establishment of a United States Department of Children and Youth.

Last night at my talk at the University of Nebraska, a boy told me thank you for wanting to establish the department. His words to me were this: “I’m 14, and I go through things that a kid my age shouldn’t have to go through.”

I have not been able to get those words out of my mind. They echo what millions of children would say to me if they had the chance.

“They go through things that kids their age shouldn’t have to go through...”

That says it all.

Please join with me in rising up as a generation, providing hope for the millions of American children who experience chronic trauma beyond the ability of our current system to absorb. We have the social workers, the early childhood experts, the educators and other professionals who know exactly what to do to provide the trauma-informed education, community wraparound services, social and emotional learning, nutritional support, mental counseling and other services needed to face the massive challenges and vulnerabilities of American children today. They, their parents, and their teachers deserve so much more.

As president, I will direct a massive realignment of resources in the direction of the American child. Every school should be a palace of learning and culture of the arts. School funding should not be determined by property taxes. And no American child should go hungry.

A generation of Americans more sensitive to our own childhood trauma than any generation before should be the last ones neglecting the children in our midst. Yet we are.

And with your help, we can change this.

Thank you for joining me in this historic effort. What we do today will determine the nature of our country 20 years from now.