November 25, 2019

Today I'm pleased to announce my WHOLE HEALTH PLAN. It represents a fundamental paradigm shift in how we look at and treat our healthcare.

America's health care system puts an unbalanced focus on treating the symptoms of illness at the expense of treating their cause. Yet until we ask why so many of us experience chronic illness to begin – far more than do the citizens of comparably wealthy countries—then we will continue to experience unsatisfactory results in health care. The WHOLE HEALTH PLAN expands the health care debate, tackling not only how to pay for health care but also how to provide greater opportunities for health. The problem in America is not just that our current health care system fails to adequately treat sickness. The problem is also that our current economic system, based as it is on an inordinate focus on short-term profit, actually increases the probability of sickness.

It’s absurd the way the political establishment has passed policy after policy that makes sickness inevitable, then has the audacity to claim it has the answers for how to insure us once we’re sick. First they make more money for food, chemical, oil and gas, agribusiness etc. by letting them make us sick. Then they make more money for pharmaceutical companies and health insurance companies by letting them dominate our treatment.

We need to do more than provide healthcare; we need to provide greater opportunities for wellness. I want to be a president who provides universal healthcare, but I also want to be more than that: I want to be a president who helps Americans live healthier lives.

And we need to be saying this! Everywhere I go, people tell me how much they “want me in the conversation.” But make no mistake about it: if I’m not in the race, then I’m not in the conversation.

Please give generously so that our Whole Health Plan can have the revolutionary effects it absolutely can deliver.