August 10, 2019

The ultimate answer to violence is not only the suppression of violence but also the creation of nonviolence. We do need stricter gun safety laws and greater mental health services (please see issues page); but still, they speak to the level of symptom and not the cause of outsized violence in America. I’ve proposed a US Department of Peace to harness the powers of conflict resolution, restorative justice, violence prevention, trauma-informed education, mindfulness in the schools, plus national conferences and a Presidential task force on peace-building and peace-creation.‬

It’s time to transform our society on such a deep level that peace becomes a way of life, expressed not only in our personal behavior but in our public policy as well. Join with me and we can make this happen. From our environmental and food policies, to educational and economic policies, to military and health policies, we can and must proactively wage peace.