November 12, 2019

In order to create the America we want, we need a new politics to contain it. Negativity and anger must be replaced by positivity and love.

First we create a new politics, and then we create a new America.The needle that weaves the fabric of this new politics is a process I call the Campaign Circle.

How to Create a Campaign Circle

Find three or more friends who share your interest in our campaign, and invite them to your home (or coffee shop, or wherever) for a Campaign Circle.

First, go around the circle and have everyone introduce themselves, share their personal story, and say why they either support Marianne Williamson for president or are leaning that way.

Second, go onto and watch one of our recent videos together.

Third, choose an issue from the Issue section of the website and read it as a group, much like you would for a book club. Go around the circle and allow each person to share their feelings about it.

Next, each person takes out their computer or cell phone. Email your experience of the circle to at least five other people. It’s really a good idea to do this while you’re still with the rest of the group. Invite them to check out the website, join you for the next circle, etc. Make those five or more people your personal field of operation for the campaign.

If you plan to do a Campaign Circle, send the information about your group to [email protected].

Thank you! This is very exciting. Let’s get this going!