November 18, 2019

Our military situation room is filled with the most expensive, sophisticated technology. And part of what we do with it is to play war games. In this year or that year, if this were to happen or that were to happen, how would we respond militarily?

When I’m president, we’re also going to play peace games.

We’re going to start with a goal, and that is a late 21st century in which war has been eliminated. For that is the responsible thing to do. Although not many of us alive now will be alive then, the truth is that if we do not start planning for peace now then none of our grandchildren will be alive either. In the words of President John F. Kennedy, “Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind.”

“Bring ‘em home” is a slogan; it’s not a foreign policy. And the urgent need to keep this or that adversary from developing a nuclear bomb is not a long-term prescription for avoiding a nuclear war. We must consider the possibility that there might be another way.

That “other way” is a new kind of thinking that is emerging in the 21st century, a holistic vision that gives to peace-creation the same weight as war preparedness. The most important job of an American President in the era now dawning is not someone who bullies the world with our military might, but someone who inspires the world with the sense of unlimited possibilities that is the essence of who we are. We need a president with a higher vision for the future and an agenda for making it happen.

My plan for a US Dept. of Peace is an important part of that plan. I will base my plan for peace on these principles: the amelioration of unnecessary human suffering as the core of conflict-prevention; support for the advancement of democracy before the advancement of American corporate interests; and a focus on long term development, diplomacy and humanitarian aid before a focus on military dominance.

Do we need a strong military? Of course, we do. But we can’t just take medicine; we have to cultivate health. And we can’t just prepare for war. We have to cultivate peace.

As president, I will do that.

My 35-year career has provided me with the exactly the skill set most needed to do that. I am far from a wacko crystal lady, as anyone who actually has known my work can attest. I have worked with individuals and systems in their deepest, darkest days and I have helped to lift people up – the exact qualification that makes me the candidate most suited for the times in which we live. In electing a president now, we do not need a mechanic so much as we need a political visionary. I am well suited and prepared for the job.

Join with me in returning America our moral leadership and our ability to inspire the world. Let’s do our part to put our country, and our world, back on track.

God bless America, and God bless the world...