Today’s shooting in Virginia Beach was another horrifying example of an obvious epidemic of violence in America. And it is time for us to act.

America can either behave responsibly toward our common good, or we can acquiesce to the economic tyranny of gun manufacturers too willing to put profits before the well-being of our citizens. We cannot do both.

As a candidate for the Democratic nomination for president, I hereby pledge to introduce within the first 100 days of my Presidency, comprehensive firearm legislation. Should both chambers of Congress fail to act, to accomplish the same through executive orders — I would:

A. Require universal background checks of all gun purchasers, whether purchases occur online, at gun show events, at licensed dealer locations, or friendly transfers

B. Close existing loopholes that allow violent people and domestic abusers the right to purchase a firearm or weapon

C. Renew the Assault Weapons Ban

D. Create a federal Red Flag law (prohibiting suspicious individuals, as identified by law enforcement, from purchasing a gun for a year)

E. Provide federal support for added school security

F. Provide federal support for a national non-violence curriculum

G. Increase federal support for counseling and support systems for victims of gun violence

These measures — along with an increased commitment among all of us — to create a more peaceful society will fundamentally alter the tragic pattern of violence that now holds America in its grip.

My prayers are with the victims of today’s shooting and with those who loved them. May God grant blessing and peace to them, and wisdom to us all.

All my best,