(3/30/2019) A principle of personal transformation is that you can’t bring light to the darkness; you have to bring darkness to the light. This means you can’t pretend certain things aren’t happening, when in fact they are. Only when we face our problems squarely in the eye will we be able to deal with them.

I am running for president because I believe America needs to have a deeply honest conversation with itself. There are many things happening that we need to look squarely in the eye.

We need to look at the hard human realties that lay beyond economic statistics. We need to look at the fact that 41 million people go to bed hungry every night in this, the richest country in the world. We need to look at the fact that scientists tell us we have 12 years left to make radical changes in order to stave off the worst consequences of the climate crisis. We need to look at the fact that millions of American children attend school each day in classrooms without adequate school supplies. We need to look at the fact that our government too often makes it easier for the very rich to get richer, yet harder for millions of people to even make it at all. We need to look at the fact that for every thousand dollars we spend preparing for war, we spend only a dollar on efforts to create peace. And the list goes on.

You will not see me distracting your attention from the problems we need to face, glossing over them, or pretending they’re not as bad as they are. This campaign gets real about our problems so we can get serious about solutions. But you will find me reminding you, as I remind you now, that we are going to deal with all of these problems... because we can. Within us all there is infinite wisdom, and our country has the capacity to rise to every challenge that confronts us.

We have all the expertise we need, from teachers to social workers to peacemakers to scientists to healers to engineers to great humanitarians to sustainability experts to environmentalists to anyone and everyone who has ever dreamed of doing something good and productive. It is that spirit which we need to unleash, those dreams we need to uncap, those talents we need to nurture -- and those efforts we need to fund.

It is an honor to be traveling now, discussing with my fellow Americans both our deepest problems and our highest hopes. Everywhere I go I am reminded that we are a good and decent, positive and resourceful people. We need to harness our goodness and commit to our decency, and I know in my heart we will be fine.

Please peruse the issues section of the site. From a cabinet level US Department of Children and Youth, to criminal justice reform and reparations, to proactive peace creation and a US Department of Peace, to universal health care and support for a Green New Deal, to free access to higher education and release from the burden of college loans, our campaign is making a difference and lighting a fire.

We're on an extraordinary journey. May it be a collective act of love, for our country and for our world.


Update on the 65,000 donations needed to qualify for the DNC debate stage: We have crossed the 50% mark and are moving steadily toward our goal. Now we need 30,000 more! If you haven't yet given $1 or more, could you do so now to help us reach our goal in time? Thank you!