We are excited for our Marianne Meetups: Big Truth on the Big Stage happening all across the country on Thursday, June 27th at 8PM EST/ 5PM PST! Below is all the information you need to host a great event.

Requirements for Thursday’s event:

  • Everyone who attends the event must sign in at: https://www.marianne2020.com/meetupsignin
  • Have a computer or tablet open and charged for attendees to easily sign in
  • If you must use a paper sign-in, please make sure everyone fills out THIS FORM and at the end of your event send a scanned copy to [email protected] with subject line: Marianne Meetup Sign-in Sheet
  • Have a way to watch the debate at 9PM EST/6PM PST. NBC, MSNBC, and Telemundo will broadcast the debates, or you can stream the event by visiting this link: mw2020.us/watch
  • Help everyone participate in the volunteer activation component

Recommendations for a great event:

  • Invite your family, friends, and community members!
  • Print out our “Big Truth on the Big Stage” BINGO cards
  • Make sure you have supplies for a great BINGO game!
  • Have a way for guests to mark their cards - either pens, markers, or something fun like candy
  • Keep playing after the first person gets TRUTH (Bingo!). There can be more than one winner!
  • Have a few Bingo prizes for your guests - here are a few ideas
  • A $5 gift card to your favorite coffee shop, restaurant, store, or rideshare service
  • Make goody bags filled with fun items from a dollar store and let the winner choose their bag!
  • Bragging rights - have your guests tweet a picture of your Bingo winner to @marwilliamson and they may get an honorable mention from the campaign! Make sure you include #BigTruth and #Marianne2020
  • Provide light refreshments or ask your friends to bring some over
  • Be accommodating to different needs like seating, restrooms, and accessibility
  • Help folks get to know each other by doing an introduction with names, what issues they care about, and how they first heard about Marianne
  • Take photos on your phone, or even better from a nice camera! Post on social media and tag Marianne on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter #Marianne2020 #BigTruth. Send photos after to [email protected] with the subject line: Marianne Meetup Photos

Run of show (times in ET):

  • Before 7:45pm: Make sure your set up to watch the debate via a live broadcast or via a livestream.
  • 8:00pm-8:30pm: Welcome people in, get folks chatting and introducing themselves. Make sure people sign in at https://www.marianne2020.com/meetupsignin
  • 8:30pm-9pm: Have your guests participate in one of our volunteer activations:
  • Option 1: Ask your guests to donate $25 online by using their mobile device at marianne2020.com/donate. We recommend talking to one of your party guests beforehand that can commit to a donation so that you can drum up enthusiasm when making your ask. And don’t be scared to ask! The worst someone can say is no, and we have a social activation for folks who can’t give. Here is a sample ask you can make:
  • “Campaigns require huge infrastructure and take a lot of money to operate. While it shouldn’t be the case that money makes the difference, we know that it does. So I ask this of you sincerely - will you donate $25 to Marianne’s campaign right now to take full advantage of the energy we are creating? You can donate by using your mobile device at marianne2020.com/donate. I’m donating right now and I know [name of another guest at the party] is too! Know that your contribution makes a big difference.”
  • Option 2: Ask your guests to text TRUTH to 484848 to join Team Marianne. They will be sent a text that we are asking attendees to forward to at least 20 of their family and friends to join the campaign. Folks should also make sure they follow Marianne on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram - where they should also post a message with the hashtags #Marianne2020 #BigTruths.
  • 9pm-11pm: Watch the debate, and make sure your guests participate in “Big Truth on the Big Stage” Bingo.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • I would like to host a party, what are the next steps?
  • Thank you for your interest in hosting a debate watch party! Visit mw2020.us/host to add your event to MobilizeAmerica. This allows supporters near you to find your event on our events page. Next, read through our digital toolkit to make sure you are prepared to have a fun and effective event with your community!
  • Is there a debate meetup near me?
  • Check out marianne2020.com/events to see if there is an event near you!
  • What is the tool kit and when will it get it?
  • The digital toolkit is available here and ensures you are prepared to have a fun and effective event with your community! It includes a digital sign in page for your guests, recommendations for preparing for a successful event, how to engage with the campaign on debate night, printable “Big Truth on the Big Stage” BINGO cards, and a sample agenda for your event.
  • I don’t have cable. Will the campaign be live streaming the Democratic debate?
  • You can watch the debate using this link: mw2020.us/watch
  • I want to rent a venue. Can the campaign reimburse me?
  • No, the campaign cannot reimburse you for a venue. We recommend keeping meetup expenses as low as possible by focussing on watching and discussing the debate.
  • Will the campaign be providing me with t-shirts, buttons, or rally signs?
  • No, the campaign cannot provide merchandise for meetups.
  • If I order merchandise online via the website will it arrive before my meetup?
  • Unfortunately, not at this time. We are working tirelessly to decrease delivery times.