November 14, 2019

America should be the best place for a child to grow up.

In light of the school shooting in Saugus High School in Santa Clarita and the 21 mass shootings that have come before it this year, I don’t think any parent thinks our country is as good as it can be.

It must be frightening to be a parent living in America today.

The United States ranks near the bottom on almost every indicator regarding policies toward children. From mass shootings in schools like the one we witnessed yesterday in Santa Clarita to unconscionably high child poverty rates, millions upon millions of children suffer PTSD that rivals that of veterans returning from war.

Who are we and who will we become if this continues? Who will our children be if this is allowed to continue?

I am asking you to stand with me and add your name to our Petition to support a U.S. Department of Children and Youth.

America’s just and sustainable future depends on how we treat all of our children, not just the lucky few. And we shall not settle for anything less than all that we can provide. That’s why, when I am President, I will establish a U.S. Department of Children and Youth and make our nation’s children one of my highest priorities. Please join me in supporting our children and our future.

Many of the programs and experts we need to transform how we treat our nation's children already exist, but not to the scale needed to address the challenges before us. Our children need to be safe in schoolsfull stop. They need recognition and dramatically ramped up support to access better services. We often know what to do but lack the political will to get it done. The U.S. Department of Children and Youth initiative, at this level, will have a mandate to provide resources, coordinated activity and support to accomplish real goals.

Sign today if you believe there should be a Department of Children and Youth. Your voice matters, now more than ever. The violence and trauma that our children are facing must stop and if we band together, we can create a better America they deserve to inhabit.

Here are a few samples of the initial policy and program focuses:
•    Develop and implement a Public Education System that takes a whole-student approach focused on academic, social and emotional learning practices. It’s aimed at preparing students not only for the skills and jobs of the 21st century, but also to help them live vibrant and meaningful lives and make them strong contributors to a thriving democracy.

•    Develop and implement a robust Violence and Crime Prevention initiative focused on reducing trauma and despair, through the support of full-scale wraparound home, school and community prevention and intervention services; coordinating with state and local governments, expanding research, and sharing of best practices.

•    Develop and implement an Agriculture and Food System built on supports for whole, healthy foods and eliminating toxins, processed and unhealthy foods.

It is time to give our children the resources they need and to end the era of suffering they have endured. How we treat our children is the truest reflection of who we are as a people. I believe the American people are ready to do the right thing.