How Love Can Solve Political Turbulence

“This is not a time for personal weakness, but for strength,” writes spiritual author Marianne Williamson. “The only real strength is love; love makes us vulnerable, but in a way that makes us strong.” Williamson isn’t talking about love love. She’s talking about love as a political force.

For decades, Williamson has been a leader in the spiritual community. She’s also written more than a dozen (bestselling) books on spiritual guidance. And as an activist, her mission has always been one filled with compassion, prayer, and love. But today’s political climate and our failure to come together as a society are threatening our country, our people, and the progress we’ve made, argues Williamson in her new book, A Politics of Love: A Handbook for a New American Revolution. Her book is a rallying cry, a study of our humanity, and a warning of what will happen to us and to our country if we don’t find our way back to love.

With A Politics of Love, Williamson, who’s making a 2020 presidential bid, asks the country to be courageous in the face of hate, to lead by example, and to start doing the work to heal ourselves and our country. Explains Williamson: “There’s a way that our grace must be matched by grit. Our tenderness must be matched by a fierceness today. I think it’s happening, but we all need to step it up.”

For more from Williamson, listen to her on the “Who Are You in Crisis?” episode of The goop Podcast, where she and our chief content officer, Elise Loehnen, discuss compassionate resistance and real maturity.

A Q&A with Marianne Williamson


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