The United States, along with the rest of the world, is standing at a fork in the road. One direction leads to a continuation of the track we are on, and the other to a new beginning. The track we are on is based on a perception of ourselves, each other, and our relationship to the earth that is spiritually inaccurate - viewing us as separate when in fact we are one, thinking what we do to others will not come back to us, and that nature will abide forever our lack of reverence and care. It will not. From nuclear bombs to environmental destruction, from economic inequality to systemic injustice, the ways of the old are unsurvivable in the long term; they are going to fall away and make room for new creation. Our only choice, here at the fork in the road, is whether to endure in time the catastrophic consequences of our continued attachment to an obsolete worldview, or participate fully in the birth of a new evolutionary impulse. So much of our economy, so much of our sense of security, is based on limiting and destroying things - from the glories of nature to even people’s lives. We need an economy, and a sense of security, that is based on creating the good and the beautiful - from human potential to righteous relationships. Our politics should not be chugging along like an old outdated train; it should be a container for the supersonic energies of a more enlightened worldview. We’re talking about the survival of our planet, the survival of our democracy, and the survival of the human race here. Old thinking has no place in conscious living now, personally or collectively. It is time for a New Enlightenment. All of life is calling out to us: “Choose another way. Choose another way..”

~ Marianne Williamson
#marianne2020 #anotherway