Everywhere I go, I meet men and women doing the most amazing things. No matter what the problem, there are people displaying breakthrough possibilities that emerge from doing things another way.

Saving the land, helping chronically traumatized children, helping former prisoners start new lives, lifting people up...in every situation, miracles are possible when we join in love. The tragedy of this country is not that we are not filled with good people. The tragedy of this country is that we literally do not put our money where our mouth is.

For example, in an area of South Carolina where 50 schools are filled with children in poverty, only 4 will receive the kinds of services it needs - while the state has a  $1 billion purpose surplus and will not take Medicaid expansion. It almost boggles the mind that we would allow a political ideology to prevail at the expense of so much human suffering.

Yet everywhere I go I meet people who keep on keeping on, who display the best practices needed to save this country from our own self-destructive tendencies and help deliver the world to a more beautiful place. I so admire the heart, the effort, and the hope such citizens as these display on a daily basis. Every day they get up and do the work of providing hope in some hopeless places. My prayer is that my presidential campaign sheds light on such as these.

I hope you will continue to follow and support this journey, as I use social media to communicate the miracles both large and small that I see daily on the campaign trail. I am running for president in order to harness the political potential of our love, our decency, and our compassion. That is who we are, and that is what America should be.

Our government should be worthy of who we truly are. If you agree, please spread the word.

- Marianne Williamson