November 28, 2019

When asked by a reporter what I’m grateful for this year, I began to think about that question in light of my experience as a presidential candidate.

I’m grateful to live in a country where, particularly as a woman, I can say whatever I want to say—even when it’s critical of my government—and know I won’t be hauled off to jail, even tortured, for doing so.

I’m grateful to be participating in a process where citizens can, through their vote, participate in making a decision that's hugely consequential for the entire world.

I’m grateful to the many tens of thousands of people who have contributed their time and money to this campaign, convicted in the knowledge that we can begin a new chapter in American history and return our country to the principles on which we were founded and upon which we purport to stand.

I’m grateful to the Spirit that animates us all—inspiring us to keep going, keep growing, and keep reaching for ever greater expressions of love. I’m grateful for the chances we are given to do that, as individuals and as a nation.

Actually, I’m grateful for everything these days. This is an extraordinary moment in history and I am grateful to be sharing it with you.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. May your holiday in all ways be blessed...