Reproductive Rights

Outside of the obviously accepted illegality of sex with children, the US government has no business telling any of us what we can or cannot do with our bodies. REGARDING ABORTION RIGHTS, I AM ONE HUNDRED PER CENT PRO-CHOICE.

Abortion is a moral issue, but I do not believe the government of the United States has the right to legislate our private morals. I believe the decision of whether or not to have an abortion lies solely with the pregnant woman, according to the dictates of her conscience and in communion with the God of her understanding. I do not feel the government has an appropriate right to deny or restrict that decision.

Expanding a woman’s understanding of her alternatives to termination is a good thing. But eradicating or limiting abortion rights would not decrease their number; it would simply mean that rich women have safe abortions, while poor women go back to risking injury, or even death, in the modern equivalent of back-alley abortions. That, to me, is morally unacceptable.

In several states, restrictive measures such as the closing of abortion clinics and forced vaginal probes are currently in play. Planned Parenthood, a sole source of medical care for millions of women, is under attack in various states in an effort to block the availability of reproductive choice. 

As your president, I would seek to protect the right of every woman to make her own decisions, in her own way, regarding her reproductive choices. The choice whether or not to terminate a pregnancy is difficult enough without having the government weighing in on the decision.

Therefore, I would vigorously resist any effort to restrict, limit, or diminish the reproductive rights and freedoms granted by Roe v. Wade.


The Williamson Administration will protect reproductive rights by:

  • Appointing federal judges and Supreme Court judges who respect Roe v. Wade, and the Constitutional right to Privacy
  • Funding Planned Parenthood
  • Protecting the lives of doctors and staff who perform and assist with abortions
  • Ensure that women receive proper care and guidance whether they choose to carry a baby to term, or need to exercise their right to choose.
  • Ensure that insurance companies cover the costs of abortions
  • Vigorously oppose federal and state legislation designed to shame, harass, punish, or further restrict women exercising their constitutional right to choose.
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