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Welcome to the Marianne Williamson for President Campaign. Mine is an agenda for a politics of conscience, in which we will harness the power of American decency in service to the healing of our country.

The pillars of this politics will alter the prevailing political, social and economic patterns within our society, returning us to our deepest democratic roots and  humanitarian principles.

They are: 
1. An agenda for economic justice with which we will repair the damage done by trickle-down economics;
2. A Department of Children and Youth with which we will address the trauma of millions of American children;
3. Mass mobilization with which we will reverse climate change;
4. A Department of Peace with which we will wage peace;
5. Reparations, with which we will pay our historic debts and help right historic wrongs toward black Americans and Native Americans.
6. The Whole Health Plan with which we will transform our health care system into a model for both disease prevention and integrative treatment.

We will transition from an economic to a humanitarian bottom line, making this question the core principle of all public policy: What is it that would help people thrive? Thus we will pave the way to greater peace and prosperity for all.

Turning love into a political force is not a pipe dream; it is simply a choice. These are extraordinary times and we have it within us to respond to them in extraordinary ways.

As your president, I will make sure we do.

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