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Agenda for Economic Justice

From free college tuition to a removal of the college loan debt to universal healthcare to the expansion of Social Security to the adoption of a Universal Basic Income, we'll transition from an economic to a humanitarian bottom line. This question will be the core principle of all public policy: What is it that would help people thrive?

U.S. Department of CHildren and Youth

We must address the invisible sea of suffering that is millions of chronically traumatized children. We need a massive realignment of investment in the direction of our youth. We must no longer base the funding of our public schools on property taxes, and, every public school should be a palace of learning, culture and the arts

Mass Mobilization to reverse Climate Change

If we do not create a mass mobilization to reverse climate change, transitioning from a dirty economy to a clean economy, we could be facing a level of massive social collapse within 15 to 20 years unlike anything we have seen in the modern era. We must not, and will not, allow this to happen.

U.S. Department of Peace

We must learn to wage peace as well as prepare for war. We should have a peace academy as well as a military academy. Defense industry profit maximization should not have such a powerful influence on our foreign policy agenda. And large groups of desperate people anywhere in the world should be seen as a national security risk.


Neither a country nor an individual can have the future we want until we're willing to clean up the past. It's time to pay reparations for slavery and to take reparative measures towards Native Americans. Underlying turbulence and toxicity stemming from both these relationships will remain with us until we pay our moral and historical debts.

The Whole Health Plan

As president, I will do more than provide universal health care; I will provide universal opportunities for health. My Whole Health Plan treats root causes as well as symptoms - not only challenging forces that create toxins in our water, food, and air, but also providing insurance coverage for dietary and lifestyle as well as surgical and pharmaceutical options for the treatment of disease.

a Politics of conscience

An agenda for a politics of conscience, in which we will harness the power of American decency in service to the healing of our country.

Democracy at risk

There is only one way to override the nefarious influence of the corporatist, anti-democratic trend in American politics today. That is through massive citizen engagement, a massive renaissance of political consciousness among the American people, through which millions of citizens will become the societal immune system that casts out the opportunistic infection of authoritarian corporatist forces.


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